This Is How To Arrange Your Studio Type Condominium Unit

In order to get a comfortable and not boring atmosphere in a studio type condominium unit, carefulness is needed. That is because this type of occupancy has a relatively small size. Studio type condominiums only have one bedroom and one bathroom. Generally, this type of unit has an area ranging from 18 square meters to 23 square meters. Therefore, the resident must arrange the interior carefully. Meanwhile, if you need the best condo in Singapore, you may check out the Sky Everton.

There’s nothing wrong with rearranging the studio units that you occupy. In order to make it looks more spacious and not boring, you can read the following tips:

Pay attention to the arrangement of furniture

The use of multi-functional furniture is indeed one of the solutions to space limitations. Similarly, some decorating methods must also be considered. For example, if you want to put a television in the room, you can install it by sticking your TV to the wall, so it can save space. Additionally, if you need a spacious condo unit, just take a look at the Sky Everton.

Arrange the bed so you can sleep in the best position

If you want to get a bedroom that is fairly good in air circulation and lighting, you can adjust the placement of the bed in the best position. For example, put a bed to sleep in an area near the window. So that when the morning arrives, you can get enough air and light circulation.

Give a touch of personal accent and style

One way to make the bedroom look more attractive is to place an accent that becomes your personal style. For example by adding the artwork (can be a photographic work, painting, or other decorative ornaments) that is your favorite. Then, place it on one part of the wall in the room. Aside from that, if you’re still looking for a condo, the Sky Everton can be your best choice.

Present the focal point on the arrangement of the bedroom

Focal points are useful for directing attention to focus on one area. Well, one part that can be used as a focal point for arranging a bedroom in a studio condominium is the headboard area. You can choose a headboard design and material that looks dynamic.

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