How Headhunter Help Recruitment

Along with the development of business and rapid economic growth, the trend of executive search through headhunter services is increasingly being done. It is not easy to find candidates who are suitable for executive positions in a company because the process takes a long time. These things have prompted several companies, especially multinational companies, to use headhunter thailand service or search executives to support business growth to fill required positions. The fields are also very varied, ranging from consumer goods, retail and distribution, banking, property, manufacturing, and natural resources.

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Head hunter is enough to help carry out the task of recruiting professionals for senior positions or special positions. The use of head hunter services is also motivated by company efficiency. There are not enough staff in the human resources division to recruit candidates. That is, there are still many other tasks that he must do as a human resource manager. The main reason is the lack of time to find suitable people because they are already busy with other matters. A company tends to use head hunter services for executive positions, and for positions that are difficult to get the right candidates.