These Are Things That Make Your House Damp And It Has Fungus

The walls of the house that are located adjacent to the bathroom are usually very easy to seep and moldy. Humid conditions from the bathroom will make the condition of the walls of the house also become moist so the fungus can easily grow on the walls of your home. Apart from that, if your crawlspace is damaged due to humidity, you may need to call the best crawl space repair company near your area.

In addition, the wall is in a condition that has not been completely dry when the painting is also causing the house to become damp. This condition makes the walls of the house have a high salt and water content so that it will react with a binder in the wall paint when painting so that the house becomes moist and moldy.

Then, cracks in the walls of the house that allow rainwater to seep into the walls. The seepage of rainwater will then make the walls moist so that the fungus can easily grow.

Finally, the absence of ventilation also brings moisture inside the house. This damp room usually occurs due to the absence of ventilation. Inadequate circulation of air in the room causes the room to become moist so that the water content in the house increases.