Recognizing The Mistakes While Repairing Your Crawl Space

Knowing that there is a problem in the crawl space makes you want to fix it soon. Who can smell bad odor every day? Rather than calling a repairman, you probably want to fix it by yourself. However, improper installation and incorrect repairs can make problems worse. It is actually better to call professional repairmen. Crawl space repair Columbia sc. has many professional repairmen to help you.

If you still want to fix it by yourself, avoid the mistakes below for the worse result.

1. Don’t try to improve the humidity in the crawl space with a vent

You probably think that installing more vents will decrease the humidity in the crawl space. It is a wrong statement. It will increase the humidity. The air blowing from outdoors will be condensed when it enters the crawl space.

2. Don’t try to add vapor barriers to floor joists

Vapor barriers function to protect the crawl space from the humidity. In order to protect the woods or the metals from moisture, you probably want to install another vapor barrier to the floor joists. However, it will trap the mold between the floor joist and the vapor barriers. So, it’s better to not do it.

3. Don’t try to do insulation without proper sealing

When your crawl space is damp, insulation is usually the solution to cover it. However, you need to seal the surface properly. Fiberglass insulation can absorb the moisture. So, if you don’t seal it first, the mold will grow and develop there. Thus, it produces poor air quality and structural damage.

To avoid improper repairs, it is better to call professional repairmen. There will be additional information or skill that you don’t know and you don’t have to fix the problems. Don’t hesitate to call crawl space repair Columbia sc. for professional repairmen that would not disappoint you.