How To Take Care Of Gums And Baby Teeth

Caring for teeth is very important for everyone, not only for adults but also for babies.
If you think your baby’s teeth do not need your care wrong, instead the baby’s teeth need more intense care.
If you are confused about taking care of your baby’s teeth or your children, you better go to the dentist in west columbia sc to consult and examine their teeth.
In newborns and only breastfed, you can get used to wiping his gums with soft gauze or soft cloth when bathing your little one.

No need to use toothpaste. Wrap a cloth or gauze around the index finger and rub it gently into the gums.
Bacteria in the mouth are usually not too dangerous before the first tooth appears. But this routine makes the baby easier when switching to using toothbrush later on.
When milk teeth start to grow around the age of six months, it is recommended to start brushing your child’s teeth with fluoride toothpaste.
There are several ways to brush your baby’s teeth like those of Babycenter, namely:

1. Brush your baby’s teeth twice a day
In the morning and right before bed. Use a baby toothbrush with a small, soft head.

2. Use fluoride toothpaste the size of a grain of rice
Fluoride toothpaste prevents tooth decay by strengthening enamel to be more resistant to acids and harmful bacteria. If too much fluoride in the teeth the child can experience fluorosis, which is white spots that appear on adult teeth.

3. Brush gently
Especially the inside and outside of the teeth, and the baby’s tongue to clean the bacteria that causes bad breath. No need to clean the remnants of toothpaste, because the toothpaste used is only a little.

4. Note the condition of the toothbrush
Replace toothbrush as soon as the hair starts to wear out or bloom. Now babies don’t need dental floss. The use of dental floss is recommended if the toothbrush is not able to clean teeth.

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