Get to Know the Portable Electric Saw


One of the most important carpentry tools is a chainsaw. This tool serves to cut, divide and also make grooves in various materials, such as wood, iron, PVC, etc. so that it has the desired size and shape. Known types of fully hand-operated manual saws and electric-operated electric saws. You can also visit our website to find out about worx chainsaw .

Let’s identify the specifications and use of portable electric saws.

Portable electric saws are simply designed with relatively lightweight so they can be moved and are easy to operate by hand. There are two types of portable electric saw machines, namely jig electric saws (jigsaw) and circular electric saws (circular saw). Both have different shapes and specifications, especially related to function/cutting ability.

Jigsaw is a saw that has a plate/blade shaped like a ruler with a direction of vertical movement (up and down). This machine can cut straight, curved, circular, zigzag, also cut holes. The lightweight makes portable jigsaw can be used freely in a variety of working conditions. The electrical power needed by this machine is relatively low, but the thin blade tends to break easily.

Circular saw has a circular blade/saw blade with the direction of circular motion. A circular saw can quickly divide and cut objects – straight, tilted and beveled, but cannot do circular and zigzagging pieces. Although heavier, portable circular saws are comfortable and safe to use as long as they are holding steady. Compared to a jigsaw, this machine requires more electrical power but the blade is relatively stronger and durable.

If you have enough funds, buying both portable electric saws is the best. But with limited funds, it is recommended to first buy a jigsaw.

When the engine is not used, you should remove the saw blade. Clean the dust/debris from the saw blade and the body of the machine with the wind compressor, then store it in a special box that is safe from impact. While for work safety when using an electric saw, wear a variety of personal protective equipment, such as rubber gloves, protective glasses, and ear plugs.

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