Don’t Call Yourself A Real Man Before You Leave These Bad Habits

A person is called a man, not only because he is because of his gender. Men are characterized by principles that are firmly held as the handle of life. A man must have masculine principles and courage to face various problems. They also have to be confident and have a good level of self-esteem, so they won’t feel bad if a girl doesn’t text back to them and they simply move on.

Therefore, get rid of these 4 embarrassing habits if you want to be considered a real man:

1. Cannot decide and always take the middle position.

Always choosing the middle position is a characteristic of people who do not dare to face the consequences. People like this don’t have the courage to stand up for what they think is right. He always believes that there is nothing good or wrong in life, that all is right.

This attitude is characteristic of people who only want to be safe without accepting challenges. Though a guy should be able to decide whether he is on the right or left side, the side that he thinks is right and worth fighting for.

2. Comparing yourself with others.

Never compare yourself to other people. We never know what other people have fought for to get success. A real guy always focuses on his own life. Resolve all problems before your eyes as well as possible.

3. Watch blue films with high frequency.

Guys do have a high urge to do sexual things. Often the urge is acted out by watching blue films with high frequency. Psychologically, this is not good because it shifts the perspective of boys towards girls. Reducing watching blue films and hanging out with girls to learn to respect them is a true male trait.

4. Continue to complain when faced with difficulties.

Real guys never complain. He faced various obstacles to bravely. Despite the trials of life whack, he never wavered. Instead, he felt proud because life’s trials were the forging that made him stronger.

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